I have had a great time being in the bowl and I will miss blogging to all of you but I feel after the other day I don’t need anon bitches who feel the need to intimidate me about my SD. I messed up, everyone does at one point. I will still keep up with the tag and I wish nothing but the best to you all (: Maybe I’ll reinvent myself again sometime. Thank you for all the followers, you guys are so sweet (well most of you lol). 


SD= Sugar Daddy
SB= Sugar Baby
POT= Potential Sugar Daddy
Splenda- A man who wants to be a sugar daddy but offers a low allowance. E.g.- A man who tries to give you an allowance of $300 a month.
Salt- A broke ass, ugly ass dude who tryin’ to get anything for free.

I suggest we ALL reblog.

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Very interested in this whole Sugar Bowl life... How do I get into this?

You need to go read up on this via tumblr pages and google “sugar baby/sugar daddy”. It’s not something you just jump into. You really should know what you’re getting into.

hi! I'm kinda new to the sugar bowl (in Australia but lived in the US for the past 8 yrs). I met a POT for coffee & even though he would have given me $2000/week for 2 meets a week, he looked nothing like his SA picture, he kept taking calls & looking at his phone throughout our conversation & only gave me $30 for cab fair when it cost me $44 both ways. not to mention he wanted to be exclusive when I told him I was considering other short-term SDs. did I make a mistake cuz the money is so good?

No I think it was a good idea that you decided not to have an arrangement with him. If he was completely different in a bad way from his pic on SA then I would have been really thrown off. Also it’s really rude of him to be looking at his phone and taking calls during your conversation, it sounds like he doesn’t think you’re important enough to just put it away unless it was very urgent. So just that alone means he isn’t worthy of you. Next time I wouldn’t tell the POT that you are looking to have multiple SD’s, not too many would be on board with that. The money was good but that really depends on if you think you would get along with him or not. Personally I would have done what you did as well.

S sent me this because I said I needed money for school. Hell yes 💰

S sent me this because I said I needed money for school. Hell yes 💰

I think I might have met my soul mate

No joke.

My two girlfriends and I were going to the movies and one brought along this guy she’s into. She told me he was really attractive and smart so I said “oh yeah that’s great and you should totally date him!” But omg when I saw him I had to do a double take. He’s beautiful and Italian. When we were all sitting out in the lobby/lounge area before the movie me and him had soooo many things in common. I could tell that we had way better chemistry than my friend and him did. She kept looking at me like she was a tad annoyed or surprised we had so much in common. It’s not my fault we’re more compatible lol. So after the movies I just didn’t think much of it and let it go.

Then he asked for my number yesterday and basically told me he felt nothing for my friend but that he felt a crazy strong connection between us right away. I told him the same thing and we just kept talking for 4 hours straight. It’s so weird I honestly feel we are a match made in heaven. I know that sounds cheesy but I just have never had a connection so strong before.

So what would you do if you were me?
1. My friend likes him and I would feel horrible stealing him from her but it’s undeniable how strong our chemistry is.
2. My boyfriend and I of 3 years are broken up kinda right now. Complicated story but even with him I don’t think I’ve Ever felt such a strong connection.

You haven't been posting anything lately lol nice avatar

I haven’t been posting much because I don’t really feel like it and I’m focused on school lately. Not really sure if you meant to come off bitchy in your avatar comment but you did.

This guy is ridiculous

"This is a proposal for you.
1/ Monthly allowance: 4K.
2/ Nights spent with me weekly: 4 nights.
3/ Relationship type: exclusive.

If interested, write back.

Dr. M” 

No way am I spending 16 nights a month with this guy, that’s too damn much for 4k a month. I’m getting 3k for 3-5 nights a month from S

New SA account

I created a new account first to check if is still on there because he told me we should both delete our accounts. I did just because I’m getting fantastic money off of only seeing him once a month…

Anyways, I didn’t find him but I can’t remember if he used the same location of where he actually is. lol whatever. I put a black bar over my eyes so it’s a little harder to distinguish me and I never sent him the picture I’m using now on my profile so should be okay. It’s so funny the same guys who use the same exact lines in their messages.